Thursday, October 23, 2014

Business babe

How much I love wearing beautiful dresses, I also feel comfortable in a nice suit. I lately even prefer the latter when I have business meetings. Anyway, since I am only 21 years old, I think it is important to give a decent piece of clothing like a suit a modern touch to avoid looking like you have just robbed grandpa's closet. I try to achieve this by for example wearing a knitted top in an unexpected - but nevertheless not too outstanding - color and I make sure the suit itself has some playful details like the leather details in these pants. I also believe it is essential that the suit perfectly fits so I rather would invest in buying a tailored suit (or tailor the pants and/or jacket by myself) than wearing one that is too big.


Pants - Whistles;  Blazer - ASOS; Shoes - Bronx; Bag - Furla; Top - H&M

Monday, October 20, 2014

Messy hair

It was really windy yesterday, which made it impossible to keep my hair in place during the photoshoot. You would think this is a major disadvantage when you try to capture your look of the day, but I believe it was not that bad since the pictures turned out very realistic. And realism is important in photographing streetstyle, if you ask me. Anyway, I wore an off-shoulder sweater that I shaped with a unique belt. I decided to go with leopard-printed accessoiries to give a little bit of edge to the look. I always love to wear socks that are visible in these desert boots. Even though the socks are black - which is the same color as my tights - I believe they are a great addition. In my opinion, they make the shoes look even better than they would without them.


Shoes - Invito; Sweater - Sheinside; Bag - Front Row Shop; Belt- Lookbook Store

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Music and watercolor paintings

I cannot believe I did not show this top on the blog before. I wear it a lot and I think it is one of the most unique sport tops that I own. I am basically a living piece of art if I wear it - haha do not judge before you read the next part of the sentence - since the pattern reminds me of gorgeous watercolor paintings that you encounter when you walk through a museum.

I also want to introduce you to my new Ipod 7G! My mom and dad were so sweet to give me this new music player after my old one was stolen when I went to Greece last August. I know most people listen to their favorite songs with their mobile phones nowadays, but I am old-fashioned so I always want to use an Ipod instead. Anyway, I can be a little clumsy at times - especially when I am in a hurry - so it might happen that a tiny piece of technology like this portable music player falls on the ground at one day. Hence... A cover is needed! Luckily for me the lovely people from got me one. So I am ready for playing my favorite songs on repeat!

-- for the Dutchies: er zijn ook geweldige iPhone 6 hoesjes op, dus neem gerust een kijkje!


Top - Liquido Active; Tights - Public Myth; Ipod 7G - Apple; Ipod case -

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The launch of TOFP' marketplace

**drum rolls**



I just launched theonlyfashionprincess' marketplace! The first items are available for sale now, and I will add many more as soon as possible. Go check out the shop here and get your favorite pieces before they are sold!


Monday, October 13, 2014


Clouds are magical things. They appear in any form and shape, change and adapt, flow and travel. Sometimes they disappear in a glimpse of an eye, while other days they remain in place like static buildings. When you feel you are stuck at a dead end, look at the clouds. They will remind you that everything could change. They will give you hope that everything will be better soon. And hope is the beginning of the realization of your dreams.


Sweater - Paperdoll; Skirt - OASAP; Bag - Furla

Friday, October 10, 2014

Signs of winter

Sunrise comes later and the sun sets earlier. Strong gusts are more prevalently present. On more and more days, winter coats are needed to stay warm outside. Yep, there are already signs of winter over here. I always need to get used to a sudden drop in temperature and if it would be up to me I would opt for summer all year around, but I have to admit fall and winter have their charmes too. I instantly associate shorter days with the cosiness that comes with Christmas and having some quality time with family or sipping a cup of tea when you watch your favorite movie becomes even more a pleasure when it is cold, rainy, stormy and/or dark outside.

I am mostly busy and on the run, but I try to take a moment of relaxation every now and then to give  my body its required rest. Just because those moments are spare for me, I enjoy them to the max: I prepare myself some drinks and bites, I wear ultra-comfortable clothes (like this chunky knit, loose singlet, and lace shorts), and I watch a movie or read some magazines/a book. Sound's heavenly, don't you think?


Cardigan - OASAP; Top - H&M; Bralette - Stylestalker; Shorts - OASAP